Miért Melegszik Fel A Lábam Futásom Alatt?


Videó: Miért Melegszik Fel A Lábam Futásom Alatt?

Videó: Miért Melegszik Fel A Lábam Futásom Alatt?
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Miért Melegszik Fel A Lábam Futásom Alatt?
Miért Melegszik Fel A Lábam Futásom Alatt?

man running on street

getting hot feet during a run is not unusual, especially when running in hot weather. but take certain precautions if you get hot feet on a regular basis during your runs. sweat usually accompanies overheated feet, which can make running uncomfortable and cause blisters. follow some simple guidelines to keep your feet cool and dry and make your running experience more enjoyable.


perhaps the most important step you can take to keep your feet cool is to wear running shoes that provide ventilation. most running shoes are outfitted with a mesh design on the shoe's upper, which allows for air to pass through the shoes to cool your feet. the shoes should also provide appropriate support for your distinct foot shape. some runners require more arch support than others. ensure that your shoes fit properly, otherwise you risk discomfort and unnecessary movement of the foot within the shoe. this can lead to friction, which contributes to overheating of your feet.


conventional wisdom for runners holds that thin socks help keep your feet cool. but this is not necessarily the case. some runners sweat more than others. if your feet tend to sweat a lot during a run, a thicker sock is the better choice. the extra material helps absorb the sweat. the air circulating through the shoe's ventilation system then helps dry the sock to a certain point. thin socks cannot absorb a lot of sweat and could cause your foot to move around more within the sock. the movement results in friction, which can make your feet hot.


if your feet tend to become hot even with proper ventilation and the right kind of socks, you may have neuromas -- a burning sensation between the toes. this sensation is caused by an unusual increase in the movement of the metatarsal bones, which connect the toes. repetitive bending at the toes during running causes the neuroma nerve endings in the toes to become inflamed, which results in a burning sensation. apply ice to the affected area to help relieve the inflammation. special shoe inserts that provide support for the toe joints can also help relieve neuromas symptoms.

self care

even with properly fitted shoes and good socks, feet can still occasionally become hot while running. cool your feet after a run by taking a cold foot bath. add bath oils or salts to further soothe your feet. wrap cool towels around your feet to cool them off, but ensure that you dry your feet thoroughly after a foot bath or towel wrap. never put on shoes when your feet still have moisture on them. moisture in a shoe can lead to blisters and irritation, which can become painful and sideline you from running.

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