P90X Mag Szinergetikai Gyakorlatok


Videó: P90X Mag Szinergetikai Gyakorlatok

Videó: P90X Mag Szinergetikai Gyakorlatok
Videó: ТОП 5 УПРАЖНЕНИЙ НА ПРЕСС 2023, Június
P90X Mag Szinergetikai Gyakorlatok
P90X Mag Szinergetikai Gyakorlatok

p90x core synergistics exercises

a well-rounded fitness program should include cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, and the p90x core synergistics workout combines all three in one fitness routine. in this routine, you can expect to perform core exercises in rapid-fire succession with short breaks in between sections. focusing on your core muscles can help to bring more stability to the rest of your body and can improve your overall fitness performance.

p90x core synergistics

the p90x core synergistics session is a supplementary dvd performed only during recovery weeks if you are following the p90x classic track. if you are on the lean track, you can expect to perform "core synergistics" once per week. this session focuses on body-weight and resistance-band exercises that target and strengthen the core muscles. the workout is one hour long and includes one set each of 22 exercises, plus a warm-up and cool-down.

core synergistics exercises

core synergistics is broken up into three sections and a bonus round. between each section, you can expect a short break to catch your breath and grab some water.

in section one, you perform one set of stacked-foot, staggered-hand push ups, banana rolls, leaning crescent lunges, squat runs, sphinx push-ups, bow-to-boats, low-lateral skaters and lunge reaches.

in section two, you perform prison cell push-ups, side hip raises, squat x presses, plank-to-chaturanga runs, walking push-ups, superman bananas, lunge kickbacks, curl presses and towel hoppers.

in section three, you perform reach-high-and-under push-ups, steam engines and dreya rolls. the bonus section includes plank to chaturangas, halfbacks and table-dip leg raises.

core strength benefits

strengthening your core muscles can improve the functioning of your body, especially your limbs, providing a bridge between your upper and lower body. your core muscles help initiate movement throughout your body, so strengthening your core can help you to work out harder and more efficiently in the other p90x sessions. core exercises can also help improve your balance and stability when you're performing exercises and everyday tasks.

things to consider

in order to perform the p90x core synergistics routine, make sure you have a towel, water, resistance bands and supportive sneakers. it is also helpful if you have an exercise mat handy to use for performing some of the core exercises.

the p90x program is a high-intensity, high-impact workout program that isn't suitable for everyone. if you're not sure if the program is right for you, consult your doctor first, especially if you're new to exercising.

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